Terms and Conditions


Truong Son Cooperative has the right to modify or update the terms and conditions at any time without having to make advance notice. Changes become effective immediately when being updated. Customer should look for changes and updates each time browsing the website. Using the web after chages in terms and conditions have been made means customer agrees and accepts the changes.

When placing order, customer has to provide correct information, and has to update these information when there are changes. Customer is responsible for managing account, password and activities on the website. We do not take any responsibilities for the loss or damage to customer due to the terms and conditions not being complied.

2.Order and Price:

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel customer’s order due to the incurred reasons. We can ask for more information before making decision whether to accept or refuse customer’s order. Customer can not cancel order once your order has been placed successfully.

We commit to provide correct product detail information and selling price on the website. In case there is incident or mistake, depending on the situation, we will contact to give instructions on resolving the issue or notify customer about order cancellation.

3.Order Processing and Payment:

Customer has to provide us with correct information about name, phone number and shipping address as required in our order instruction on the website. Once adding products to shopping cart and proceeding to checking out and payment, customer will be informed the total amount of payment including the cost of product, shiping fee, tax and other charges. Unless there are other regulations, all payments will be made in Vietnam Dong (VND).

Unless choosing cash on delivery payment method, customer has to settle payment at the time of placing order. In all cases, we will not deliver and transfer our products before payment is settled.

If customer makes online payment by credit card or bank transfer, customer must be the card holder or has full rights of use of that card or payment account. We reserve the right to verify your payment information before delivering products.

The contract is formed and we are supposed to sell products to customer when we accept your order. Customer will receive order confirmation letter through your provided email address. Until accepting your order, we reserve the right to reject it. If we reject customer’s order, we will quickly refund the money customer has settled by card or bank transfer.


We will deliver products to the shipping address requested in your order. We will deliver within the estimated time period. We are not able to give the exact time of delivery at the time order being placed. We will try to deliver at the soonest time possible depending on the location of delivery.

We will inform customer if there is any lateness in delivery. We are not responsible for any loss or surcharges incurred from lateness in delivery. For locations that we can not deliver your order to, we will notify and make arrangement to cancel order or deliver order to another location requested by customer.

At the time of delivery, customer will be asked to provide signature to confirm that customer has received the products in exact quantity. Customer has to inspect products for any defects or damages before giving confirmation signature.

Customer has to ensure readiness to receive order without any lateness at the reasonable time that we inform. You will be contacted for delivery 02 times maximum. In case the first delivery attempt fails, shipping company will contact you in the next 24h to schedule the second attempt. If we or shipping company can not contact you by any means or do not receive any replies from you, your order will be discarded.

5.Copyrights and Intellectual Property:

Customer are not allowed to copy, download, print, publish, distribute, transfer, translate, or implement any content, pictures or document from the website without having our permission.

Truong Son Cooperative is the owner, and copyright holder of the website and all posted documents. The website content is protected by the Copyrights Laws, Intellectual Property Laws of Vietnam and the international conventions.

6.Force Majeure:

We are not responsible for any violation or delay in implementing the contract due to any reasons beyond our control, the force majeure events such as: natural disaster, flood, drought, earthquake, riot, war, strike, diseases, fire, explosion, machinery or software error, interruptions of public utility services such as electricity, telecommunication and Internet, insufficiency of product, material, equipment or transportation though they can be foreseen. In those cases, product delivery could be delayed until we recover to normal operation.

In force majeure situations, we or customer can terminate the contract by giving notice to the other party without breaching any terms in the contract.

7.Liability Limitation and Implementation Term:

In all cases, we are not responsible for any loss to customer except being caused by our fault. Our responsibility to customer (if any) only limits to the value of your purchased order.

Truong Son Cooperative and customer have the responsibility to implement all the obligations stated in this Terms and Conditions. All arising issues from executing this contract will be regulated by the Laws of Vietnam. All litigations related to this Terms and Conditions will be reconciled on the basis of understanding in thirty (30) days. After that period, if still not being resolved, litigation can be solved at the authorized court.